Buy a Brick or Picket

  • playgrounddreams
  • March 1, 2017

Warwick Playground Dreams invites everyone to consider leaving a legacy for children of this generation and those to come. Imagine leaving your fondest childhood memory on a paving stone that a child of the community can read twenty or thirty years from now. Your grandchildren or great-grandchildren

could read about your 5-year-old self, swinging in the breeze, reaching up to the clouds. An impressionable youth could contemplate a quote that has been embedded in your mind and helped you through the hardest of times. Your words will be etched in time, adding your legacy to our community playground, by your donation of a paver or picket, helping to build our children’s future.

If you would like to inquire about donating a paver or picket, you can download the forms below and mail them in.
Picket Form Download
Brick Form Download




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