Playground Committee Creation

Announcement of Playground Committee Creation Warwick, NY,  – We are pleased to announce the creation of Warwick Playground Dreams, a committee made up of local parents and community members to upgrade the playgrounds in Warwick, NY. This committee will focus on the upgrade and replacement of aging playground equipment in the parks. Initially the Playground Committee will be focusing on Stanley Deming Park to upgrade the equipment and create an inclusive playground. Funding for the new equipment will come from fundraising efforts, community partnerships, and grants. A volunteer support network will also be in place. Utilizing a community build plan, the new design will ensure children of all abilities will have access to playground components. The goal is to create a truly inclusive playground so all children can play together safely. “Over the last half year I have had many conversations with parents who have echoed the sentiment that Stanley Deming could be so much more. Taking advantage of the advances in playground designs and materials over the last decades, we will be able to build a playground that better reflects our community and our love of our children.” Founder Hannelore Chambers.The overall goal is to raise $250,000 for the accessible playground. More information is available on the playground website: Tax deductible gifts can be made online with sponsorship naming opportunities available. Gifts can also be made anonymously. Community members are encouraged to support the project.

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