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  • December 10, 2016

We are a committee of volunteers from all across the town of Warwick who want to rejuvenate the aging playground in Stanley Deming Park. Working together with the Village of Warwick, the schools and playground design architects Play By Design, we want to bring a community-designed and community-built ADA-accessible playground to Warwick that will exercise the imaginations of all of Warwick’s children as well as their muscles.

Our mission is to raise the funds for the materials and equipment needed for our own residents to come together and build the town’s children a playground of their dreams, under the supervision of Play By Design’s Certified Playground Safety Inspectors. We invite all members of Warwick’s community to volunteer their time, funds, resources and talents to help us make this dream a reality. We will offer donors sponsor opportunities ranging from engraved pickets and brick pavers to specific pieces of playground equipment.

On Friday April 7, 2017 we invited two of Play By Design’s designers for a community brainstorming session called Design Day. Along with some of our own parent volunteer facilitators, we met with school-aged children as well as groups of younger children with their parents to hear what the children’s dreams for their playground were. At the end of this action-packed day, we invited the community to join us for a Design Reveal Party at the Warwick Valley Middle School Cafetorium where Play By Design revealed the preliminary design of our new playground. View our preliminary design.

Once we have reached our fundraising goal, we will organize the build of our playground, at the earliest in the spring of 2018.

Join one of our volunteer committees! Donate funds or resources! Pick up some tools and join one of our Build Week Work Crews. Follow us on Facebook


zip line, splash pad, ADA-accessible merry-go-round, climbing structures, slides, swings, musical features, castles, barns, tractors, animals, sea monsters – you name it! There are so many exciting possibilities!

Play By Design has worked with communities all across the country to design and organize the build of whimsical, exciting playgrounds that create the dreams of those communities’ children out of structural plastic lumber reminiscent of the old wooden playgrounds many of us grew up on. www.pbdplaygrounds.com

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